The Best Cleaning Product I’ve Ever Purchased

What is a travel blog doing reviewing a house cleaning tool? Because this travel blogger does not have the luxury of live-in hotel housekeeping, I like good design, and I enjoy things being clean….AND this gadget is totally bad-ass! It is low-tech. Actually, it is probably no-tech with some major design magic.

If you are even remotely like me you have a pet, or a child, or a messy partner (or you ARE the messy partner). Maybe you are clumsy and spill the messiest things at worst possible time (why does the bagel ALWAYS fall cream cheese-side down when you are racing out the door? Or, is that just me?). Maybe, like me, you flirt with a cleaning service from time-to-time but always revert to doing things yourself to get them clean in that ‘just-so’ way.  No matter who you are I wanted to share my favorite little miracle tool for house cleaning. It is such good design I absolutely think it is worth the hashtag #GettingTheMostOutOfLife!

Imagine you have crossed a whisk broom with a squeegee and then, raised up that little baby as a multi-tasking dynamo.  What do you get? You get the WallyBroom!

Their website has this to say:

A Simple Solution to Make Life Easier
Brooms clean up dry messes. Wallybroom also handles the wet nasty ones: spilled cereal, dropped eggs, dumped spaghetti; or baby food, yogurt, soup, shattered glass containers of whatever. They’re all handled with Wallybroom–no gunky hands, no excessive paper towel waste.

I love this product so much that I own two for a 950 square foot flat! I use the WallyBroom daily. I use is to sweep up dry dog kibble and squeegee up the yucky mess that my dogs makes of his canned food. Everytime I water my numerous potted plants, my WallyBroom is there to sweep up soil, leaves, and the inevitable overflow of water. It makes cleaning everything up a total breeze. They packed lots of thoughtful features  into this, too. They added a strong magnetic dot that keeps the broom nicely attached to the fitted dustpan handle. There is the swivel head that lets you switch between broom and squeegee easily. Then, there is the easy-rinse plastic making clean up after clean-up a breeze! Finally, what I am so enamored by is the perfect angle of the dustpan. It is perfectly engineered to eliminate the line of dust/debris that every other dustpan has ever left. How did they do that???

In short, this is a great product that I think every home needs. This is an unsponsored review. The good folks at WallyBroom don’t know me from Adam and I bought and paid for this myself. This is a good old-fashioned recommendation based on my real experience. I hope you find it useful and I would love to learn about the best cleaning products you have ever used. Sound off in the comments below and, as always, thanks for stopping by!