My 2019 Personal Year-In-Review

Since this is my little corner of the Internet, I thought I’d share my 2019 recap. More of a way to chronicle my perspective and gear up for 2020 than any other reason and this blog is not going to mention politics in the US or the UK (oof, both are off the rails) except that I sincerely hope 2020 will bring about some balance, calm, and kindness. 2019 was mostly a great year for me. Like any other years, there were highs and lows.

The highs – I celebrated my 2nd anniversary of being back in Washington, D.C. (hard to believe) and continue to soak up all the city has to offer by way of culture. Many of the cultural events I attended allowed me to continue building friendships, old and new. Early 2019 brought me a new job, working with one of my favorite people and continuing my ability to work remotely. My health is great, my fitness goals were achieved, and my faithful beastie continues to be happy and healthy. I continue to wake up each day with a sense of joy, which is a really nice way to face the day. My lifelong learning habit continued with several months of Spanish lessons. No soy fluido, todavía, pero sé más que antes de empezar. 😁

The lows – There was a bit of drama with a family member’s health in the early part of 2019 that really rocked me. All is well (as it can be) now but I am afraid I didn’t meet that person where I should have and I imposed my opinion on their health habits which created a lot of friction. It took me a few months to articulate the whys and wherefores behind my reaction and I was able to apologize for my reaction. This leads me to my 2019 lessons learned….

The lessons learned – I have to recognize that everyone is entitled to the personal health choices they make, even if I don’t agree with them or understand those choices.

There were more highs than lows and that is always a victory to me. I’ve set new goals and intentions for 2020, including learning something new, more travel, and more dedicated time for content creation. While I photograph something almost daily, I want to create more consciously and experiment a bit more.

Now, I want to hear from you. I am thinking about learning (or at least trying) a few of these:

  • Knitting/Crocheting
  • Fencing
  • Rowing a single man scull
  • Increasing my Spanish to conversational fluency (meaning I don’t have to stop and think about words or sentence structure)

What should I learn? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

With that, let me wish you a very Happy New Year. May you face 2020 with optimism and a grateful heart! Thanks for stopping by!

Here are some of my favorite 2019 photographs, taken throughout the year, hope you enjoy!






May your 2020 be met with gratitude, optimism and kindness!