A Little Bit of Calm to Get Us to the Weekend

Hello, dear Readers!

I don’t know about you but it seems that the closer we get to 2020, the faster the days go by.  While life is going swimmingly, I find myself a little busier than I like. I don’t wear busyness as a badge of honor and work hard to ‘chill the fuck out’ when I can. I can’t complain about a thing – my work is very rewarding and my avocational pursuits are great but I feel like I need an extra day in each week just to keep pace. It maybe time to implement more than just one eFree weekend each month…..

In any event, after a busy week of business travel (and prepping for another one) I treated myself to an evening walk to the Bishop’s Garden at the Washington National Cathedral. It is my happy place and being there always relaxes me. I was so enchanted with the buzzing of the bees and the bird song that I took some photographs, a few video snippets and then, created this little piece of calm.

How do you refresh and reset after a busy week or during a hectic time? Do you have a favorite place to unwind? I’d love to hear your rituals, ideas, or proven practices for finding a bit of Zen, so leave me a comment. Thanks for stopping by!

Next week, I am back on the road for another client and relying on the usual suspects to get me there and keep me happy (looking at you, American Airlines and Marriott Bonvoy!). Coming soon: my list of shoes that passed my ‘5-mile test’!!

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