It Really Is The Little Things

Hello, dear Reader!

It is a whirlwind in my little corner of the Internet. It seems like every day I am taking on new clients to do some meaningful (and really fun) organizational transformation work, and as summer winds down the calendar is picking up with social engagements and possible travel.

But for today, we are getting the most out of life by celebrating the little things. Inspired by Susan of une femme d’un certain âge, I thought it would be nice to share some “likes” for this week. You know, these are the little things that make you smile, cheer, breathe a sigh of relief, or just lift a bit of weight off your shoulders. With the daily barrage of bad news, ridiculous antics from governments around the globe, impending doom from every news outlet, we need to take time to calm ourselves and find the beauty in the simple things. If we focus on it, we can find a LOT to like.

For me, some of this week’s 👍🏻 include:

  • a new way to style a well-loved T-shirt dress to make me feel a bit more like autumn is here but still satisfy the need to dress for the 90° temperatures (loafers, belt, and Greek Fisherman’s cap, all in black, of course).
  • hearing back from the class action lawyers for the next phase of the Hill’s Science Diet recall with forward progress.
  • a experience with Thursday Boots rep (Jessica) who checked their warehouse for the discontinued burgundy color of the Captain boot for me – she deserves a Customer Service Award for sure!!
  • the cooler mornings to enjoy walks with the dog and the barest hint of autumn in the air.
  • Buying my LEGO blocks for the National Cathedral model, now my whole family is memorialized in LEGO.
  • rediscovering my enjoyment of geocaching only to discover there are over 4500 in DC and I live in the middle of 7!

Now, I want to hear from you. What are your “likes” for this week? What are the little things that made you smile? Share with me in the comments and thanks, as always, for stopping by!

PS – that’s my dog in the header image. He is always on my “like” list and you can check out his adventures through his Instagram page!🐾🐾

4 thoughts on “It Really Is The Little Things

    • JavaAndJunket says:

      Pete, you are spot on! Inner joy is best. Not everyone understands that it can be cultivated and some need to tally the little things to help them realize that happiness and joy are choices to be made. Thanks for the comment, that’s what this is all about!


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