Summer Hiatus or Just Laziness?

Hello, dear readers!
I am struggling with the fact that it is the end of June of 2018. Where did this year go??

Between settling into my new place, rediscovering my favorite city as a #backyardtourist, and working A LOT the past 6 months have flown by! I have been seriously neglectful about posting and have been beating myself up about it. There are about 11 draft posts in the queue but I’d rather go for drinks with friends or walk the dog than sit and finish them.

I am going to forgive myself and chalk it up to competing priorities of fun, friends, family, and Fido (actually, his name is Roman). The good news is that I follow some amazing people around this little Internet thing and can recommend them for your travel/fashion/lifestyle fix:

  • Susan at Une Femme posts about travel (usually to France) and travel fashion (her way) with the occasional glimpse into kitchen renovation, skin care, or joie d’ vivre.
  • Audrey at Audrey A La Mode is a relatively recent discovery and I was immediately hooked. She is young (maybe 27?) but has grace and style to spare. She has a classic and chic approach to fashion and one of the most soothing YouTube presentation styles I’ve ever seen. I foresee big things for this gal.
  • Michael Palin at, well, Michale Palin is a perennial favorite of mine. His PBS travel shows are my favorite and he brings such a laid-back enthusiasm you can’t help be be charmed.
  • Signe at Use Less is a Danish blogger/vlogger who promotes minimalism and sustainability in fashion. I love her ‘Scandi chic’ style and use of black as a wardrobe base. She has a classic style with a slight edge which is wonderful and her videos are focused on wardrobe mostly but she does offer the occasional glimpse into her daily life, surroundings, and vocation.

Those sites should give you some new fun posts to enjoy while I get my proverbial act together. If you want to keep up with me, I also tweet @JavaAndJunket and my dog maintains his social media over on Instagram @RomanInTheDistrict.

I do have a post coming out Friday with a July 4th Travel Wardrobe for a long weekend getaway. In the meantime, I sincerely appreciate you coming back to my page and hope you are having a beautiful summer!

Until next time, wishing you peace, love, and travel!