A Blooming Good Time!

Hello, readers! Srping hasn’t quite sprung here in D.C. but you wouldn’t know it by the scores of visitors everywhere. From the crowds at the museums to the throngs along the Tidal Basin, out-of-town guests are making the most of Spring Break despite the chilly temperatures and the stiff breezes. I hosted my own out-of-town guest for a long weekend and we made the most of our time, spending the bulk of it traversing the Distrcict – from Capitol Hill to Crestwood to Kalorama and most points in between.

Visiting the Tidal Basin for the Cherry Blossom festival is something I’d never do by myself since I avoid crowds whenever possible. Since I had a dear friend here, it was the least I could do and I can emphatically state, it was worth it. We visted last Thursday which, as luck would have it, peak bloom day. Practically, the entire ring around the Tidal Basin – from the Jefferson Memorial, past the FDR Memorial, by the MLK Jr. Memorial, all the way to the Japanese Lantern – was lush with blossoming Yoshino cherry trees. It really was quite a sight. If I were to do it again (and I may) I’d plan to visit very early in the morning to avoid most of the crowds.

The crowds were almost as thick as the blossoms but manageable with the occasional group not caring that they were dominating a particularly lovely view and bumping into others. A few almost went into the water as they backed up for the perfect selfie. Beyond their selfish disregard for others, it was a wonderful time. It’s never been on my “must-see D.C.” list before, but it is now. If you plan to be in the city any time between late March and mid-April, consult Cherry Blossom Watch to get dates for the Yoshino blossoms and if you arrive a bit later than that, you can check out the Kwanzaa blossoms (which I may do myself). Enjoy a few photos and leave a comment to let me know if you have visited or plan to visit D.C. for the cherry blossoms. Thanks for stopping by!