Wrap It Up – I’ll Take It!

It is still hot where I live but there is a hint of autumn in the early morning air. The promise of cool days and chilly nights is here. Autumn and Spring are my favorite times to travel. Kids are back in school, crowds have died down, and the weather is still pleasant in most places. A slight frost in the early morning just makes me enjoy my coffee and croissant all the more. A chill in the night air makes the moon burn a little brighter.

The romanticism aside, I don’t like to be cold. When I get cold it takes days for me to properly warm up, so I like to follow the layering philosophy to ensure comfortable conditions. In cool weather my layers usually end with a blazer or trench coat when I am on the road. When I am at home or somewhere casual (beach or mountains), I like to wrap up in blanket-like trappings. To get us all in a laid-back weekend mood, I am presenting a few options for cozy (and stylish) wraps perfect for early autumn weather – the kind of days when you just need something over your shoulders but don’t want to commit to sleeves, zippers, or buttons. These are great for cool days of sightseeing or nights by the fire and perfect for plane travel any time of year – stylish and versatile, too!

First up is a wool-blend poncho from Banana Republic in grey and ivory stripe. I tried this on and found the colors to be prettier than shown. I really like the style line it straddles – somewhere between bohemian lodge and campfire preppy. It had plenty of drape and wrapped me up quite well, but while it is listed as one size fits all, I imagine that those who aren’t vertically challenged may want something bigger. For the price, it is a nice option. Currently this is on sale for $82 US.


Banana Republic Stripe Italian Wool Blend Poncho

Next, is a beautiful cashmere poncho from Catherine Robinson. Done is a perfect neutral called mink, this is a heavier weight than the option above. Luxurious and versatile, this poncho is stitched closed and can be worn in a few ways. I have a similar style poncho done in red alpaca/possum that I bought in New Zealand and it gets a lot of wear in the cooler months because of this versatility. This option comes in at about $214 US.


Catherine Robinson Cashmere Poncho

I love the drape of Catherine Robinson ponchos and wraps and have my eye on this for a future “Treat Yo’Self” moment. This sumptuous light grey wrap measures just over 7 feet long by just over 2 feet wide. My word! I’d wrap up in that and never take it off!

Finally, we are going for broke with this Burberry poncho. It is reversible and done in cashmere wool. Not my ideal, especially since Burberry uses fur in their range, but for some it may work. Priced at a cool $1,200 this would need to be your only outwear to make it a worthwhile investment, in my opinion.


Burberry Reversible Cashmere Wool Poncho

There you have it, my stylish travelers. A few cool-weather cloaks to cradle you in comfort. What do you think? Are you a poncho-wearer? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and thanks for stopping by!