Too Cool To Walk? Ride Your Luggage!


The airport can be a major point of stress. Getting through security, waiting in any number of lines, and racing through various terminals to get to the proper concourse. What’s a gal to do?

Apparently, a gal can ride her luggage. Introducing Modobag. Billed as the world’s first motorized, rideable luggage. this is a carry-on bag that ‘gets people to their destination 3x faster than walking!”

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In theory, this is a great idea – in fact, I had the same idea about 6 years ago!! After much consideration, and the mere act of observing the average human being, I’ve decided this is an awful idea. I am not bashing Modobag or the inventors at all. They are very creative to have developed this. My concern is that the average person is bad enough at the airport. Can you imagine them DRIVING a carry-on bag?

Picture this…you have made it through the cattle chute at TSA. You are getting dressed and gathering your things and a daredevil whizzes by on a speeding carry-on bag. He has his face in his phone and is plowing through pedestrians, right and left. Eeek! Will the bag come with a driving test? Okay, in all seriousness do you really want to dodge people on these things? It’s hard enough getting people to realize they don’t exist in a vacuum.
Watch Out for Modobag! It's People Driving Motorized Luggage -- Really, It IsMy isms aside, here are the specs:

  • Indoor speed of 5 mph
  • Outdoor speed of 8 mph
  • Dual USB ports
  • Motor – Belt Driven, Maintenance-Free, High Torque 150 Watt Electric
  • Thumb Action Throttle
  • State-of-the-Art Lightweight Lithium Batteries
  • Range – 8 Miles (based on 180 lb rider)
  • 80% charge in 15 minutes
  • Battery Life – over 4,000 full charge cycles
  • UL approved Smart Charger
  • Dual Wheel Braking System
  • High Performance CNC-Machined, Sealed-Bearing Steering Column
  • Telescoping Aluminum Handlebar Assembly
  • Illuminated Power & LED Light Controls
  • Digital Battery Capacity Gauge

Right now, you can get one of these bags in black by going to the IndieGoGo page, here.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you! ☮️❤️🌏

Thanks for stopping by and happy travels!

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