A Fashionable Formula For Travel Togs?

I love to plan for my travels and that planning extends to wardrobe. Selecting well-loved favorites that are versatile, comfortable, and (dare I type it) fashionable adds to the excitement of trip planning. Being a wardrobe minimalist, every item must have multiple styling options because only the lucky few get to go in my bag.

In keeping with that notion, I was pleased to learn of a line of clothes that seem to fit my criteria for versatile, comfortable, and stylish travel wear. Before I get to the details, let me take you back to the late 1980s and introduce you the Multiples. Originally called Units, this was a line of “modular clothing” where all the items worked together to form a cohesive wardrobe. I had a few pieces and loved them to death. The drapey cotton/poly fabric laid perfectly, washed beautifully, and packed into nothing. The items allowed for the addition of personal styling. You could tie up the hem of the tunic for an asymetric look or you could roll the long tube skirt over to create what we now (stupidly) call a midi skirt. Interesting to note, many of the silhouettes of the Multiples clothes were very similar to what we’ve seen come down the runway (haute couture) over the past several years. Designers like Yohji Yamamoto and Barbara Gongini showed fluid unisex silhouettes a few years ago and from the photos, they had the same look as Multiples.

With all that context, let me tell you my delight at stumbling upon the Mix Kit from LandsEnd.com. Now, please note this is NOT an endorsement, paid or otherwise, just a sharing of information about something that looks like it would be good for travel. With that out of the way, let’s get to the “kit”

The website states the fabric is a matte jersey. Sadly, upon closer inspection it is a poly/spandex blend without a hint of cotton. This makes me sad. While not the polyester of yore, these matte jerseys are usually heavy and retain smell (not always a good thing). I don’t buy them for that reason alone (it stems from being in close proximity to a stranger wearing this fabric and who was not that pleasant smelling – let’s just say it was a looooooong flight).

Moving past the fabric, another fashion bugbear of mine is the wide legged crop pant. Unless you are a 12-year old anorexic standing at 5’10” or taller, EVERYONE looks like an Oompa Loompa in wide legged crops. Palazzo pants? Sure! One of the most glorious and chic style anywhere, but they go all the way to the ground. Skinny/straight crops. Yes, please, but volume and abbreviated length do not work on 99.999% of people. Just don’t do it.

Now that I’ve gotten my dislikes noted, what I do love are the other pieces. If the fabric was different, I would buy the:

  • 3/4 length tunic
  • Ballet neck top
  • Tee
  • Shell
  • Shirt dress
  • Dolman tee dress
  • Ponte legging

These seven pieces plus a pair of jean or chinos, flats, boots, a fabulous trench coat, and a few scarves can take you all over the world. I love the idea of how may great outfits you can make. Making me love the idea even more, all items come in black with the shell and the tunic also available in white. Here are a few of my favorite items (photos from the LandsEnd.com website):







If the fabric changes, you can be assured that I will grab each of the items above. I may even order one item to feel the fabric in person. Until then, I will dream of what could be and thankful for my well-loved travel wardrobe go-to items.

Thanks for stopping by JavaAndJunket.com! For a blast from the past, here are some images of Multiples/Units in all their glory! I had the striped tunic in the color photo and a pair of black shorts (not pictured). I never did get into the tube, though. Not my speed.