The Inspiration For Love Affair With Travel

Today is my grandmother’s birthday. She would have been 100 years old and was gracious, intrepid, and a profound positive influence on me until the last. She loved a clever joke, was loyal and protective, and enjoyed travel. She was beautiful, with legs like a Rockette, auburn hair and bright blue eyes that sparkled. She always made time for me and I miss her every day. She (along with my mother) is the reason I have an unquenchable thirst for travel and when I started to travel alone I made every effort to call her from the road or send her a letter. She always supported me even if she didn’t understand my motivation to do something or didn’t agree with it. It was her advice to always have a great pair of sturdy walking shoes and to be prepared for every outcome. I find myself quoting her wisdom almost on a daily basis.

Some of my best memories are of our time together. From road trips down I-95 or just weekend jaunts to the nursery to pick up flowers, we always had a good time. She was my best friend. Tonight, I will raise a glass of wine to her and tell her of my latest adventures. May the adventure always continue, Granny.

Photo Dec 10, 10 24 01 AM

The beautiful Vivian in 1939.

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