Pretty Pictures

Thursday means I have too much going on and have to “phone in” today’s post. I hope you forgive me and enjoy a few of my favorite photos! Brussels, Hawaii, Peru, and Cambodia. Back to packing and I appreciate you stopping by!

The first photo, I shot in the Grand Place, Brussels after a very full day of enjoying the city, including an incredible visit to the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate.


©M McCown All rights reserved

The next photo is from an amazing New Year’s trip to Kauai, Hawaii. It is everything you think and more. No need to go to any other island in the state. Kauai has surf, sand, and fewer people – paradise.


©M McCown All rights reserved

The next photo was taken at Machu Picchu in early January and the weather was amazing. Clear, cool, and the thin air that comes with high altitudes. This alpaca posed for me nicely and then, followed me around for about an hour.


©M McCown All rights reserved

Finally, a photo from an atypical occurrence for me – an organized tourist show. This one in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The show came with dinner and was very entertaining and so beautiful. Traditional costumes, music, and the prettiest people I’ve ever seen.


©M McCown All rights reserved