For Whom The Bell Tolls…Or Doesn’t

After almost 160 years of unbroken service, next week marks the end of Big Ben ringing until 2021. Apparently, he has laryngitis and needs a rest. =)


©M McCown All rights reserved. One of my favorite photos because I took this as the bell was marking the quarter hour with Westminster Chimes. Such a nice (rainy) memory.

Properly known as the Elizabeth Tower bell, Big Ben is a 13.7-ton bell that resides in the clock tower of the Parliament building and chimes every 15 minutes. As the tower is due for a complete restoration, the bell is being disassembled so as to protect the restorers. According to reports, there are chances for the bell to sound during the restoration, but the regular chimes will not be heard again after noon GMT on Monday, August 21st until 2021.

The sound of the chimes is as iconic as the tower itself. Marking time at 15 minute intervals, it sends chills up your spine when you hear it live for the first time. If you, like me, need a reminder of the soul-grounding sounds, here you go!