Wisdom For The Masses Brought To You By Coffee

Taking action in one area of life usually means that other areas will get in on the fun. Sort of a “when it rains, it pours” reaction. I am in the thick of this self-imposed action deluge and waffle between terror and triumph. This can be exciting and exhausting and, thankfully,  I have coffee to save the day!

Beyond just the chemical reaction to caffeine, it’s the invigorating scent that greets you. It’s the hug in a mug that wraps you in the arms of friendship and conversation. Coffee is a promise. A promise to kick a little ass, create stuff, and do it all with pep in your step. Coffee for the win!

We all know the Dark Side is the best side!

Adulting, too – it helps with the adulting.


What Yoda Speaks, Trust Always

Because this never gets old….

Now pour another cup, get out there, and go be an adorable badass!

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