When NOT To Travel – Tips To Help You Know When Travel Should Wait

This is a travel blog. A blog that celebrates far-flung destinations, wanderlust, and intrepid spirits. A place where I write about my love of travel, my escapades on the road, and where I dispense wisdom based on my personal experiences. So what in the hell does today’s title mean?┬áSimply put – sometimes life is sending you signals that NOW is not the time to embark on an adventure, at least not a trip.

I’m not losing my mind, I promise. It’s just that for the past several years I have been contemplating a change of scenery. Something in my gut is telling me to move back to the east coast of the United States. I’ve lived in the desert southwest (with a brief stint in SFO) for far too long. I love it, but always knew I wouldn’t be here forever. The escalating urge to be near culture, art, and a less homogenized populace has culminated in my final decision. I AM OUTTA HERE!

Which leads me to my point. I had an amazing adventure planned for September but I’ve canceled it. Postponed may be the better word. I’ve pushed it back to allow for my relocation. Once I get settled and establish a routine in my new surroundings I can adjust the timing and head out. Moving cross-country (again)is an adventure enough, right?

If you are thinking of taking a trip, here are my top 5 tips to help you determine if now is the best time.

  • You are on shaky ground with your present employer and need to remain employed. If you are financial set, maybe it’s a great time to travel, but for most people a lack of savings and no way to earn on the road means this is NOT the best time to travel.
  • You and your significant other just broke up. If your relationship is recently over, traveling now IS NOT the best thing to do. You need time to process everything and divvy up belongings (bank accounts and property). To protect your interests, don’t go anywhere right now. Once all that has been handled, feel free to quit town! You are FREE! Go celebrate but don’t be reckless. This is not the time to indulge in a week of body shots in Ibiza. Instead, this is an opportunity to see a new place and see how the new YOU reacts to the world without the filter of another person.
  • You are getting ready to move. There is so much to do. You need to sell or rent you home (or vacate your lease). You need to decide where you will live in the new town, what furniture you are taking, and a million other things that crop up. Finances, insurance, moving logistics, packing, and scheduling are all time-consuming activities making this an inopportune to travel.
  • You are getting over an illness. If you’ve been sick traveling is not the best idea for a few weeks after you’ve recovered. Aside from the possibility of making other people sick, you are more susceptible to airborne bacteria and virus after illness. The last thing you want to do is the relapse or worse away from home. NOT a good time to travel.
  • Everyone tells you not to travel. Family keeps asking you why you want to travel or question your choice of destination. Friends don’t understand why you’d rather save your money for airfare than hit the town every weekend. If you have your finances in order, have a plan B, and your passport and required visas are current what the hell are you waiting for? PACK UP AND GO!

As for me, the realtor comes this week and I am excited and a little nauseous. Any big change is thrilling and terrifying by turns, no?