Wait – There Is Still Have Time For A Summer GetAway!

Okay, dear travelers – it’s the penultimate Friday of July, there are only 9 weeks left of summer, and in some parts of the U.S. kids are already going back to school. WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO?!?
Despite how fast it’s flying by there is still plenty of time for a get-away, and this is a great time of year to save some money and avoid some crowds. Here are some tips to help you plan that last-minute summer sojourn!

  1. Do your research. To determine a good last-minute deal, check out clearing house sites like Last Minute. This is a great to find screamin’ deals. I found a 5-night deal from Phoenix to San Francisco for under $1000, which may not seem like much until you realize that’s airfare AND a room at the glorious Intercontinental Mark Hopkins!! This is a favorite hotel of mine, situated right in Nob Hill. To me, that’s a deal! Other sites like TripAdvisor, Fly and Expedia can help you find deals, too.
  2. Go the direct route. With just a few days to spare, don’t attempt to go too far afield. Stick to your geographic bubble. Instead of venturing from Atlanta to LA, maximize your time by sticking to the East coast.
  3. If you plan to road trip it, call the hotel or resort directly. The hotel staff has a lot more flexibility that a website clearing house which can score you a nice upgrade or even an all-inclusive package. I found a deal for the Arizona Biltmore at 30% off regular rates for a 5-night stay next week. It makes sense because no sane person would come here when it’s 110º!
  4. Don’t get committed. When you are short on time it doesn’t pay to force a destination. Pick a few possible places, decide on some dates, and let the web weave the results. Staying flexible will always make things better, not just travel. 😎

What do you think? Are you heading anywhere for a late summer adventure? Let me know in the comments and have a great weekend!