Travel Is Funny, Even When It Isn’t

Today has been a day of writing. Nothing but writing. Writing proposals, program recommendations, client communications, storyboard feedback, emails, and even an wedding R.S.V.P. card. Technically, I think most of that is considered typing but the brain power involved remains the same.

All of this to explain why today’s post is light on words. I am spent, fellow travelers. I’ve used up my allotted mental abilities for the week and there is nothing left. I need to sleep in my own bed, eat something other than take-away, and recharge. I’d planned a little backyard tourism this weekend, but I’m not placing any bets on it happening.

Right, that’s it with the excuses. Let’s close out the week with some travel-related funnies. I actually chortled aloud at most of these. Most of these are the world of the talented Dave Blazek, cartoonist extraordinaire and humorist. Enjoy and, as always, thanks for stopping by!


What’s bad? Sunshine, empty beach, blue water. Looks like paradise to me, Roy.


As much as I hate zoris this made me chuckle. It’s one way to afford Hawaiian real estate.


I actually guffawed at this one. The lion looks very smug, doesn’t he?


Ooof, this brings back vague memories of way too much ouzo, without the pong.


Could this BE any more accurate?


Another footwear funny and, sadly, pretty close to accurate.


I think we’ve all flown with this gal.