Travel News Round-Up – Planes, Claims, Cake, And Coffee

I don’t know about you, fellow traveler, but 2017 is flying by! I can’t believe we are in the middle of July.  There are so many things I want to do but, with the speed of the year, they may not happen!

What IS happening is a round up of wild and wacky travel shenanigans that caught my eye this week. Let’s get started!

  1. Of the nine airlines affected by the laptop ban, only Saudi Arabian Airlines and Royal Air Marco remain with an electronics ban in effect. The others have been removed from the Department of Homeland Security’s list due to their compliance with stricter screening measures. The final two will have their rose ceremony expect to be removed by July 19th.
  2. When Doctor v. United happened I felt that, while the airline handled the situation poorly, the guy was a sketchy character. I still feel that way given his latest claims of brain damage and more. A bit of a checkered past and a profit to be made. Call me cynical, but I stand by my original thought.
  3. Filed under “pound cake as payment“, American Airlines delayed a flight due to the cabin smelling of urine. I feel like airlines can’t win. If they hadn’t delayed it, people would have complained and sued because of emotional trauma triggered by the smell (I know I would rather be delayed than trapped in a metal tube that smelled like the Port Authority circa 1986). They did delay it and have to deal with that fall out. Remember the good ‘ol days of wagon travel? Yeah, neither do I. I still think a bit of annoyance in the air beats days or weeks of bumpy travel with a side of cholera. Who’s with me?
  4. Iberian Air got into hot water with alleged testing to determine pregnancy among its flight attendants. While I understand the illegality/discrimination of this, do pregnant women really WANT to be flying and dealing with idiot passengers? Is it even healthy with all that recycled germs air?
  5. Finally, let’s end on a positive note. Coffee!!! As if you needed MORE evidence that it is a wonder drug, check this out!

There you go – a few travel tidbits to drop on your companions for your next coffee talk! Thanks for visiting Java and Junket!