Coffee – Know It, Love It, Infuse It Like Tea?

What a great way to start Wednesday! I just discovered that some brilliant man, Alex Cox, has put specialty-ground coffee in a bag – a tea bag!! For those of us who love coffee and travel, or coffee and camping, or coffee and…leaving the house, it can be disappointing to be in a hotel room and faced with just a stick of coffe, like Starbucks Via. Thanks, but I will take a hard pass on that. But based on this that disappointment may be a thing of the past.
IMG_2580As reported in, Raw Bean Coffee has launched tea-like coffee bags! Can you imagine? Good quality, small batch coffee in a teabag?? I can see the heavens parting and hear the glorious song of the angels!!

The article quotes Alex Cox saying “The development of the pyramid coffee bag has allowed me to get the 12 grams of coffee into a bag and still leave it room for it to infuse,” Raw Bean Founder Alex Cox told Daily Coffee News, confirming that each bag contains 100-percent arabica grounds, with no pre-brewed soluble component. “Our belief is that a customer buying a coffee bag would expect quality filter coffee, otherwise they might as well just buy instant.”


I LOVE the slogan for Raw Bean! Proper coffee, indeed.

You can read the full article here and check out Raw Bean Coffee products here. As for me, I’m going to suss out overseas shipping of these little gems! All hail the coffeebag!