Summer Travel Savings Tips

NOTE: Since I am a true believer of giving credit where credit is due, please be aware that this is a recap of the tips recently posted on George Hobica and his team really have their collective ‘paws’ on the pulse of travel and if you aren’t following them you should. I swear I am not on their payroll or a weirdo stalker, I just really admire the work they put in to help the collective lovers of travel be able to pursue their destination goals. Here are some links to their awesomeness!

Onto the recap of the savings tips! I’ve provided my experience and opinions of using these tips, but be sure to head to the OG post!

  1. Sign up for fare alerts. This is how I found such a great deal for my recent Vancouver trip. I decided where I wanted to go, created a fare alert on and – voila! – round trip for $380! Huzzah!
  2. Avoid peak season. Good advice and I seem to follow this unconsciously. Shoulder season means fewer crowds, usually temperate weather, and lower rates. Win-win-win, baby!
  3. Stay flexible with your days. By having fluid dates, you can score significant savings on airfare. I don’t usually follow this advice, but did so for an upcoming trip to Mexico and saved over $300 from the usual fare. More pesos for ME!!
  4. When it comes to travel to Europe, start by snagging a cheap trans-atlantic flight. Once you are on the continent, it’s relatively cheap and easy to get from your landing locale to your desired locale…and while you are there, consider slow over-the-road travel to see what there is along the way!
  5. Do some research to determine if using your frequent flier miles yield major savings or not. For my second trip to Guatemala, my miles didn’t result in much of a savings, so I passed on using them. Then, a few months later, I was super happy to find that they really had impact for my LAX-MEL-SYD-AKL-SYD-LAX trip! I got the whole thing for less than $400 using miles. I was bouncing around like a joey, doing THAT happy dance!
  6. Be sure to thoroughly research air/hotel packages. Sometimes these bundles are overpriced, sometimes they aren’t. I have never had luck finding a bundle that saved me money. Maybe I love the thrill of the hunt too much for the trip package mojo to reach me?
  7. Find out if your credit card offers travel insurance before you buy a separate policy. This can save you money and give you peace of mind. My United Explorer card offers a respectable amount of coverage (knock wood, I haven’t had to use it).
  8. Once you book your hotel and airfare, stay aware of any rate drops. There are ways you can recoup any differences, including via a website called This is a new tip for me but one you can guarantee I will add to my list!!

What do you think? Will you use any of these tips for your summer travel? Let me know in the comments and be sure to click HERE to read the original article from the experts. Just consider me a conduit to the wisdom that George H. is dropping!

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