Travel News Round-Up – It’s All About Policy

Lots going on this week in the world of travel!

  • United makes good on its promise to review/amend policies, starting with the policy for bumping passengers. They now require that traveling crew members be booked at least an hour before departure. Will this help them overcome the bad press? Let’s hope so.
  • I vehemently avoid writing about Trump but since this is more about Emirates, I’ll make an exception. The airline plan to decrease the frequency of flights on five of its 12 routes to the U.S. given the reason of entry visa and electronic device policies coming out of the (bizarre circus of the) White House. Soon, only one flight a day will land in Boston, Los Angeles, and Seattle down from twice-daily and service to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale will be reduced significantly.
  • Filed under the “still surprises me” category, Norwegian Cruise Line will add lifeguards to its cruise ships starting this summer and the new policy will have the whole fleet staffed by early 2018. An ocean-going vessel with multiple pools on board should have lifeguards and it baffles me that this is a new practice for the industry. Weird, right?
  • Sticking with the cruise ship news, Crystal Cruises has announced WiFi will be added to both ocean ships in late October. This means you can post your selfies as you swim at your own risk. 🙂 Free WiFi started on the lines river ship, the Crystal Mozart earlier this month.

Industry articles on my radar:

  1. George Hobica, found of asks Is It Time for Airlines to Stop Overselling Flights?
  2. Chris McGinnis details his experience on the relatively new British Airways route from Oakland to London and adds a layer of useful information with recaps of public transit to/from each city.
  3. Conde Nast Traveler features six cities to watch in 2017. I can vouch for all of them, except Milwaukee and I’m pleased to see two of my favorites make the list – Circle City and Cowtown. Both are great places with a surprising amount of things to see and do!

What about you? What’s making your newsy list this week? Let me know in the comments!