Travel Style – An App To Pack!

Do you struggle with packing a light suitcase and wind up packing a complete outfit (plus shoes) for every day? Or, are you the master of fold/roll/compress, remixing a few versatile pieces like a pro? What if you don’t travel at all but you want to make sense of your closet, finally solving the problem of lots of pieces, but nothing to wear? There is an app for all of that!

That app is called Stylebook and it lives up to their tagline of “Start getting more out of your closet!” I was late to the party and only discovered Stylebook about two years ago. Before then, I used the analog way of making a packing list – I wrote in on paper. Since 2015 and with each upgrade, I have found it to be increasingly useful. Oh, and gentlemen, there is a version (Stylebook Men) for you, too! As of this writing, the app is only available for iOS and can be downloaded in the App Store.

The current version contains more than 90 features including:

  • Looks
  • Calendar
  • Style Stats
  • Packing Lists

Getting it set up is an investment of time, but if you are concerned with creating a useful, versatile, and well-curated wardrobe that investment is worth it. The front-end time commitment is because you need to import images of your clothes and accessories, edit them to be isolated images, save them in the appropriate category and then, add the cost, size and other details. I actually found the process to be simple and therapeutic and I spent a Saturday morning photographing the contents of my closet and getting them loaded. As a clothing minimalist, in both color choices and number of items, I love being able to see the entire closet and stay on top of which pieces need to be updated, which items need to be culled (and donated), and which staples are missing (right now none, so yay!). I still need to devote time to entering the original cost of each item so my cost-per-wear numbers will be accurate.

It is not the magical clothing carousel that Cher had in Clueless, where you hit one button and it presents you possible outfit combinations, but Stylebook is still pretty magical to me. My favorite features are the Packing List and Style Stats. I use the packing lists to ensure a small and versatile selection of pieces to carry me to almost every climate and type of location. The statistics are useful when I want to know which pieces are not being worn and if an item was worth the investment. If you wear color, you may enjoy the Color Stats piece to help you balance (or not) your color choices.

If you are a shopper, the Shop feature allows you to select favorite brands and stores and then, feeds new arrivals from them to the home screen. Sort of a personal shopping assistant to let you know when a new collection is ready to take your money!

For those of you looking for inspiration, they offer a place to save images to help you create or recreate specific looks. This could be helpful if you are trying to find your personal style or have one and feel like you are in a rut. I don’t use that feature and given the ease of use of Pinterest, I am not sure I would ever use it but it is there is you want it.


Here is a screen shot of my calendar for this month. From here I can see which pieces I wore the most and cost-per-wear, It also helps me keep track of  particular combinations that worked well.

Overall, I label this as a productivity tool. If you spend ANY amount of time traveling or spend more than 5 minutes deciding what to wear each day, this will save you time, hassle, and money. What do you think? Have you used Stylebook? Is there another closet management app you like? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!

Note: This is not a sponsored post. My experience is real and so are my opinions.