Spotlight On: Harry’s Cafe de Wheels, Sydney, Australia

At my age, the use of OMG should be considered a grammatical tragedy and my writers card should be revoked, however mere superlatives don’t do justice for this food truck (or caravan, as its known in Australia).

With a history dating back to the late 1930s, Harry’s was labeled a “quintessential Sydney icon in 2004 by the National Trust of Australia (NSW). Originally called “Harry’s” after the founder Harry Edwards, the name ‘Cafe de Wheels’ was added as the result of an ordinance that required food trucks to move at least 12 inches each day. So Mr. Edwards added wheels, the ‘Cafe de Wheels’ was born, and it’s been an institution ever since. It is easy to see why; a colorful truck, friendly staff, a straightforward menu serving up tasty, rib-sticking food for most of the day (and into the wee hours of the morning) with a bit of Aussie cheek. How can you go wrong?



My time is Australia was indescribable and I covered 4 of the 6 states thoroughly enjoying everything I saw and did and meeting a lot of warm, clever, and charming people but by the time I got to Sydney, I was a bit road weary. I still had miles to go and an a whole other country to visit. I wanted sleep and starchy comfort food. Thankfully, Harry’s was there to supply me with perfect starchy comfort food whenever I wanted it. Seriously, they are open damn near 18 hours a day!

Now, I pride myself on being a healthy eater and I don’t typically eat a lot but with a Harry’s right outside the door of my hotel in Sydney’s Wooloomooloo neighborhood, all of that went right out the window. Seriously, I had Harry’s every night I was in Sydney (don’t worry, I did branch out for other meals but more often than I care to admit Harry’s became my 2nd dinner). My pie of choice was the veggie tiger. Imagine this, saucy vegetables in a perfectly cooked, flaky pie crust topped with mashed potatoes, mushy peas and gravy. It is edible heaven in a handheld package! There are 11 locations of Harry’s but I can only vouch for the Wooloomooloo truck, the original, located at the corner of Cowper Wharf Roadway and Dowling Street just steps from the 5-star Ovolo (formerly Blu Sydney, which I can’t recommend).

Final Verdict?
Some would say that choosing to eat at a food truck is a travesty considering all the fine dining to be had in Sydney but I don’t care; I will choose a veggie tiger from Harry’s over ANY food from ANY restaurant at ANY time! GET IN MY BELLY!!!!


©M McCown


©M McCown

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