Travel The World, One Cup At A Time

Coffee. I love it. I recently read it was like a hug in a cup and that made me smile. It IS a hug; a comforting how-do-you-do first thing in the morning. But coffee is more than just an AM greeting. It is a social event that brings people together. Going for coffee on a first date, lingering after dinner with coffee and cake, meeting a client for coffee, or catching up with a friend over a late night coffee and a crossword puzzle. Hipsters and grandparents. The stroller set and the road warriors. Uptown or downtown. Around the world, we are all drinking coffee.

As coffee culture continues to grow, some brilliant people have given us the ability to enjoy coffee from around the globe – curated coffee boxes by subscription! There are subscription boxes for almost anything including make-up, wine, clothing, razors, cleaning tools (what?), tea and even dog toys. Curated content of niche products has been a big deal since about 2009 and coffee marries very well with the concept. This post covers  the two coffee subscription services that appeal to me the most (it is MY blog, after all).

Before I get to my choices, let me state that there are at least 70 options based on my very scientific research (a Sunday morning spent on Google with a big cup of coffee). My top two choices are based on the following:

  • Coffee sourced from around the globe
  • Choice of size of shipment and/or frequency of delivery
  • Variety of roasts available
  • Type of grind

Enough context, let’s get to my choices (listed alphabetically)!

Atlas Coffee Club

In addition to a gorgeous website and a logo that reminds me of a the sign for an Art Deco jazz club, Atlas ticked all the boxes for me. Single-origin coffee sourced from around the world, this subscription allows you to choose how much coffee you want each month, your roast preference, and grind type. A nice feature is that they provide a tasting profile and brewing recommendations in each shipment. I am especially intrigued by the Kenyan, Rwandan, and Burundi coffees they offer. Even better? Their stated mission sounds like it was written for me 😁: Our mission is to share the world of coffee. Satisfy your wanderlust with your coffee addiction and satisfy your coffee addiction with your wanderlust. Come explore the world one cup at a time.

White Tale Coffee

This company caught my eye because of the comprehensiveness of how you select your preferences. Besides choosing your favorite roast, grind, and frequency, you can select up to 3 flavor profiles and provide additional commentary to help refine your personal coffee subscription. It seems they have at least 8 source countries available and 4 processing methods. An outstanding feature of the website is the LEARN page. Here you can get a  high-level education on coffee, including information of roasting and grinding. The biographies of the White Tale team lead me to believe I have found more kindred spirits who love coffee and travel as much as I do! The White Tale logo is unique and if they haven’t already made a spoon (to stir your coffee) that has their whale tail as the handle, they need to get on that!

There you have it! Perfect to give as a gift or to treat yo’self’, coffee subscriptions from one or both of the companies deliver a little bit of the exotic, right to your doorstep!
IMG_2317  What do you think? Would your try a coffee subscription box? Let me know in the comments. As always, thanks for reading!