Travel Quotes – Bon Mots from Famous People

For #TravelTuesday (and #WorldPoetryDay), let’s enjoy a few witticisms from some notable figures.

The first is not attributed to anyone, so I’m claiming it as mine! Just kidding, if you know the author, let me know. I am lucky enough to work remotely, so when I do get on the road for any length of time, it is usually to the airport!travel addict

Here we have an amusing quote from the father of comedy about nothing, Jerry Seinfeld. This is an amusing sentiment but one I’ve not experienced too often, thankfully. I love the road less traveled, unless it’s a dark stormy night and there is a chainsaw wielding madman on the loose. Then, I prefer a well-lit freeway with LOTS of traffic. 🙂seinfeld

Next, we hear from Gayland Anderson, the president of Senior Travel Genie. I’m still a few years away from being a ‘senior’ but he’s right on the money with this quote. The day before a trip is always the longest!anderson

Our next quote comes from Al Gore, who served as the 45th Vice President of the United States.  This one always cracks me up, because my passport photo is actually one of the best shots of me and I never look anything like it. A ‘charming’ TSA agent even remarked how ‘good looking’ the photo was and that ‘it looked nothing like’ me. True story. Ouch. #TSAFAIL?gore

I have a complicated relationship with the works of Vonnegut and a funny story about numerous missed attempts to visit his memorial library in Indianapolis, Indiana, but I think this quote is quite true. I’d replace God with the Universe and when things go sideways on the road (which they always do), I prefer to frame it as me needing a lesson in patience, planning, or some other virtue. I think this quote came from from Cat’s Cradle and is correctly written as ‘peculiar travel suggestions…’ so if you can validate my assumption, please leave me a comment.vonnegut

Finally, a quote from one of my perennial favorites, Oscar Wilde. Educated, flamboyant, and I’ll label him as a philosopher of the Aesthetics movement, he is famous for some fabulous one-liners including:
I can resist everything except temptation.
We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.
Come on! How can you NOT love his wild (pun SO intended) abandon of social conventions in favor of experience, beauty, and love – consequences be damned? He is also a cautionary tale of excess in the Victorian age, but today he’d be one of the glitterati, I have no doubt. His grave is in one of my favorite places on earth, Pere Lachaise in Paris and I think he’d be tickled at the attention it gets. But onto his quote. If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know I am a journal keeper, so this one really hit home and makes me chuckle. There is no way I would ever liken my journal entries to the diaries of Wilde, but it is great fun to go back and read where I was and what I was thinking at the time.wilde

What do think? Did any of these make you smile, grin, or laugh out loud? Let me know in the comments!