Travel Style – Packing List For Spring

When traveling during the Spring, the weather can be wildly unpredictable. With a few versatile pieces, you can still pack light and brave all sorts of meteorological situations from sunny, mild temperatures to blustery, wet days. It’s all about layers!

Today, I am featuring a few pieces that can work well for a wide variety of climates.  Of course they are black, white, and grey because…..well, if you’ve been here before you know these are my colors of choice. You can absolutely recreate this with your color palette, just be sure that it is based on a single color with coordinating patterns or colors. Without this foundation, it’s not that versatile.

We all know about layering and for those of you who live anywhere but the tropics or the desert, layers are a way of life.  While the collage of items is for illustration purposes only it has been acting as inspiration for my upcoming trip to Vancouver, Canada. With a plan to enjoy the city and some jaunts far afield, I need pieces that are versatile. All of these pieces are chosen from the inside out, so let’s break it down.

  • A silk tank. A great base layer to wear for warmth under the tee shirt or v-neck sweater, this can be worn as a shell under the blazer or even by itself on very warm days (and in the right place). Silk is the perfect option for warmth and style. I have this one is on my wishlist!
  • A tee shirt. Done in the right fabric (think drapey), a tee shirt is incredibly versatile. Worn alone, under the sweater, or under the blazer, this is your wardrobe work horse. I have this Halogen version in black, grey, blush, and white. The material is perfectly drapey and handwashes like a dream.
  • A black v-neck sweater. This is another item from which you will get a TON of use. When done in cashmere or a silk blend, you can wear this with or without a base layer and paired with skinny black cropped pants and the right accessories, makes a good option for dressier dinners and events while traveling. This WinterSilks option looks good!
  • A structured blazer. I am a blazer person. I love how they instantly up the style quotient and offer a ton of versatility. It can be worn with the tank for a mild day or worn as outer wear on a chilly day. Even in summer, I always have a blazer with me. My go-to is a black lightweight wool from Banana Republic, but I have been eyeing this H&M option which is done in jersey so it will feel like a sweatshirt but still offer a fair amount of polish.


  • Cropped skinny trousers. These are perfect for a variety of locales and events. Finding the right pair can be a challenge, but when you do you will wear them again and again. This Sloan pant from BR is my pair of choice. Depending on the temperature, I wear them with a tee and trainers, a blazer and heels, or a sweater and brogues.
  • Dark wash jeans. I prefer skinny jeans, but you can wear your favorite style. Just stick to dark wash to ensure the most options. Again, you can top these with a tank, a tee, a sweater, or the blazer. I have these WHBM jeans and am looking at these Rag & Bone skinnies.
  • A fun knee-length skirt. This is a great third choice for your bottom half. Great for warm days, it works perfectly for chilly days when you add a pair of sweater-knit tights. This polka dot version adds interest to an otherwise simple color scheme and would be great paired with any of the tops for a day of sightseeing. I am not a dress/shirt person 97% of the time, but I do like to add one to allow for extra warm days.
  • Shoes. Recently, I posted on the best shoes for travel and here I have selected two pairs for our fictional Spring packing list.
    • Boots. When the weather is unpredictable boots offer warmth, protection, and dare I say, style? Mine get a lot of wear!
    • Oxfords. A fun spectator pair in black and white adds a fresh touch to these outfits and works for warm sunny days.
  • A classic trench coat. You can never go wrong with a trench coat. Always in style, they may be the most versatile topper around. Hit with a sudden cold snap on your journey? Layer up with the silk tank, tee, and sweater and then, top it off with the trench. When the day warms up, remove the tee or the sweater and you still look stylish and smart! Mine are old versions (one black and one khaki) from H&M, but I like this grey one. True story, I survived two business trips into the polar vortex with nothing but layers and my trusty trench coat (and a scarf, gloves, and ear pops). My nose turned blue when I left the airport, but I survived. 🙂
  • A large scarf. I always take a scarf with me no matter the season. It is an ancient Target find, but these are relatively easy to source.
  • Accessories. Since I am always cold, I had to add a knit cap and fingerless gloves.
  • An umbrella in a cheery pattern. Certain to brighten up the dreariest of rainy days! I love this pagoda ladies walking style!

All right, there you go. By my math, these 7 pieces give you a minimum of 12 outfits and can take you around the world quite nicely. What do you think? Have I hit the mark for a Spring wardrobe or missed the target entirely? Let me know in the comments!

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