Travel Beauty Style – What’s In Your Bag?

Traveling can take its toll on your skin. Not only being out of routine but contending with changes in diet, humidity, temperature, and local water can leave your largest organ distressed and unhappy. Browse the Internet and you will find hundred of lists claiming “the best travel beauty essentials” and “must have beauty products for travel”. I am sure there is merit to all of those lists, but let me weigh in with my choices honed after years of travel and without any sponsorship (meaning that no one paid me to recommend these items).

The items below are the absolute must-haves and always in my bag regardless of hemisphere, country, or season. Oh, and gentlemen you can use all of these, too!

  • Lush Ultrabalm. This tin of magic comes in handy when I need to condition the ends of my hair, smooth cuticles, calm an insect bite, run out of lip balm or a dozen other uses. I’ve even used this on a squeaky door hinge. Since it is a solid, it doesn’t count as a liquid for TSA 3-1-1 (as of this writing).
  • Toothpaste Tablets. Sticking with the ‘doesn’t count as a liquid’ theme, these little tablets make brushing on the go a breeze. These make even a 17-hour a bit more fresh. Minty and crunchy, they leave your teeth feeling clean and polished. They do foam a bit, so be sure not to brush while angry or you’ll look like a rabid dog.
  • Neutrogena Face Wipes. During a long flight, after a late night hotel arrivals or whenever you need a quick refresh, these are the answer. I prefer this brand to others because they seem to have the most cleansing liquid than others and, therefore, less drag on the skin. As of this writing, my TSA contact stated these do not count as a liquid.
  • Skinceuticals Purifying Cleanser. Simple, cleansing, and non-stripping, I decant this into a travel-friendly bottle before each trip. It cleanses gently but still gets all the road dust and travel muck off your skin.
  • EltaMD UV Clear SPF. This sunblock is formulated for sensitive skin and is one of few that doesn’t sting my eyes, so yay! It gets rave reviews from dermatologists and includes hyaluronic acid to help attract moisture to the skin. Sun care AND skin care.
  • Verb Salt Spray. With fine thick hair that has absolutely no natural body,  I tend to look like I used Seinfeld’s Low Flow Shower Head when I travel to places with humidity. This is the hair product I swear by as it works with the humidity instead of against it. I am not a ‘beachy wave’ gal preferring to keep my hair straight (I am lazy) and this only adds about 10 seconds to my hair routine for a total of 20 seconds. 🙂
  • Lush SeaNik Shampoo Bar. Another Lush product rounds out my list of items I take for every trip. With a light earthy scent, this solid shampoo cleans well in all types of water (hard, soft, etc.) and travels beautifully in a tin. Again, it is a solid so no 3-1-1- space is sacrificed.

There are a few other beauty products that go into my bag, but none to which I am brand-loyal. What do you think? Do you agree with this list? What must-haves are in your bag? Let me know in the comments.

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