Cheers to Books! The Cheapest Trip You Can Take – Review Of 2 Bestsellers

I recently treated myself to two new books. Both on travel and both former residents of the New York Times bestseller list. Now, if you have ever been to my blog before you know how much I love travel and books. I mean, what else can take you far afield for less than $25? Whether you are a road warrior living out of a rucksack or are firmly rooted in suburbia, travel books can inspire, educate, and delight.

My two new treasures are:

Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders from the team at Atlas Obscura. This is more than just a travel book. It’s more like a hybrid baby of the early 1980s TV show That’s Incredible and the PBS show Globe Trekker. With maps, photographs, and stories of the offbeat, unique, and downright strange this weighty book covers natural wonders, man-made structure, events, locations, and more. So far, what I like most are the details provided in the text. Well-researched and with a bit of cheek, the write-ups give you a sense of what fun the authors had creating this treasure. If you buy nothing else travel-related this year, BUY THIS!
Atlas Obscura
Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World’s Most Amazing Places from National Geographic. Primarily a picture book (and OH, what pictures!) there is text every few pages, including a ‘Visit Like a Local’ section. A gorgeous, high-quality coffee table book, this is a wonderful addition to my collection. I giggle┬á like a school girl every time I see photos of a place I’ve been and am busily taking mental notes of new places to visit. If you want some inspiration, pretty pictures, or a great gift I can highly recommend this 320-page hardcover passport to the world.

What do you think? Are these worthy of the NYT bestseller list? Let me know in the comments!



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