Travel News Round-Up – Air, Sea, and Land

Welcome back, fellow travelers! In this week’s round-up we have news from the land, from the sea, and from the air (and I didn’t even plan it that way!). Grab a cuppa and let’s get started!

  1. If the sharks don’t get you, the deep end will? I was surprised to learn that cruise ships haven’t typically provided lifeguards for their pools but the tide seems to be turning (pun count: 1).
  2. It’s a lie, guys. Size DOES matter…at least at LAX. Expected to be completed in 3 years, the project will erect (pun count: 2) a shiny new space of more than 1 million square feet and be called the Midfield Satellite Concourse.
  3. Bermuda shorts its hotels (pun count: 3). In a partnership with Airbnb, Bermuda Tourism Authority will be reviewing shared data to determine how home-sharing contributes to the country’s tourism industry.
  4. Yep, size really does matter. The U.S. Travel Association announced recently that over the past 10 years, 60% of airports have lost connection options. Sounds like a case of Low-T – low terminal usage (pun count: 4).
  5. The ultimate coffee break! Rising to the top of my 2018 travel wish list, this NYT article beautifully describes the coffee culture of Jardin, Colombia.  If I have my way, I will make this trek in 2018 by whatever beans necessary. Whatever. Beans. Necessary (pun count: 5)!

That is our travel news round-up for this week! What do you think? Did anything catch your eye? Let me know if the comments.