Travel Quotes

Today’s post features a few of my favorite travel quotes, ending with one from a favorite writer, Paulo Coelho. Each quote calls to mind intrepid travelers, packing steamer trunks and setting off to far-flung places redolent with the scent of unfamiliar spices in the air and hazy afternoon light trickling through shuttered windows, as they seek respite from the sun to write about the days adventure. Is that a bit much? Sorry, I was born to travel and tend to get carried away.

Let me note that the attributions are based on the Internet and may not be correct. If you know something to the contrary of what I’ve, please let me know in the comments.

First, a quote from British politician and two-time Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli. I think this quote is accurate. When we travel, I think we tend to forget much of what we see, which I why I write lengthy and detailed journal entries each night of a trip. I know, I am an old-school Luddite and still write with pen and paper when I travel. Like-all-great-travellers-I-have-seen

Next, Robert Louis Stevenson, the prolific Scottish novelist and travel writer. As much as Disraeli is purported to have disliked travel, Stevenson is almost synonymous with adventure. He traveled extensively throughout Europe, America, and even settled for a time in the South Pacific including, New Zealand and Samoa. His quote is spot on and always good to remember. We who travel are the foreigners.r l stevenson travel

Walt Whitman, an American poet, is credited with the next quote and to me, this strikes at the heart of born travelers. When you have travel in your blood, you DO engage in a perpetual journey. A journey of actual miles and perhaps, spiritual miles as you seek to understand yourself and the world around you. Literal or figurative, it’s one of my favorite quotes.
w whitman travel

Finally, a quote from the incredible Paulo Coelho, the Brazilian author. Nominated by the Albert Einstein Foundation as one of the 100 leading visionaries of our time, Coelho has stated, “I realised very early on that, for me, travelling was the best way of learning. I still have a pilgrim soul”. If that man is not simpatico with my beliefs, I don’t know who is!!!
coelho travel
What do you think? Do you like these travel quotes or do you have others that speak to you? Let me know in the comments!