Travel Quotes

It’s Friday and here is an inspiring quote to get you ready for the weekend. While not specifically about travel, I still find it rather profound. Helen Keller was many things and for most of her life she defied conventional wisdom to achieve things no one ever thought possible. In 1940, she published  the book “Let Us Have Faith” and in a chapter titled “Faith Fears Not” she wrote Life is an adventure or nothing. Somewhere along the way, the words at all were added. Either way, her quote calls to mind derring-do, or YOLO if you prefer and life should be a daring adventure but that does not necessarily mean it is filled with zip-lining, climbing K2, or jumping off Burj Khalifa in a wing suit.

To me, daring adventure is about lifelong learning, personal growth, and challenging yourself, mentally and/or physically. You can be daring and keep both feet on the ground. You can dare to explore the world. Dare to stand up for something you believe in strongly. Dare to be the voice of those who have none. Dare to be yourself. Whatever you do, you can do it with conviction and generosity of spirit, so get out there and have a daring adventure! Oh, and if you do jump of Burj Khalifa in a squirrel suit, PLEASE send me the video.