Coffee and Monday Motivation

It’s Monday. I have never been one of those people who lamented Monday. It was Sunday that always got me down. The false pretense of being a weekend day, when really it’s the harbinger of back to school/work. You can’t stay up too late or drink too much, so it’s not really a weekend day now, is it?

But I digress. My original point is that it is Monday. I’ve made peace with yesterday and am ready to hit the ground running and do all the fabulous adult things I get to do each week. Call into meetings, write things, pay bills, wrestle with the backwash valve on the pool pump, and make plans for upcoming travel. Some might say I’m living the dream! They’d say it sarcastically, but I sincerely know it to be true. I am living the dream. If the backwash valve would cooperate I’d have nothing to kvetch about and then where would I be? So, in honor of Monday and, since it’s 5:15 in the morning and my coffee is waiting, I say…caffeine powers ACTIVATE!!!


And one more, since it’s SO true!!!! Have a great day, wherever you are!