12 Days of Christmas – Java and Junket-Style, Day 2

It’s that time of year when we exchange gifts to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or just the joy we feel towards friends and family. Today’s recommendation comes from the amazing gang at Moon Guides.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in another country? Well, Moon Guides aims to prepare you with their Living Abroad In series. The authors of each guide not only ‘talk the talk’ they have ‘walked the walked’ of living abroad and provide detailed information on visas, finding work, deciding on housing and more.

One or more of these would be a great gift bundled together for the college graduate with wanderlust, the near-retiree, or anyone with far flung dreams (like me)!

Choose from 19 countries, 2 cities (London and Paris, of course) and get the books in analog (an actual book) $19.99 or digital format $9.99. I can’t say enough good things about Moon Guides. There is something about setting off with one of their guides that has always made me feel like an intrepid explorer from the late 1800s, with long skirts, a leather valise, and a parasol. Check out Moon Guides Living Abroad In……and start planning your escape!