Backyard Tourist – Local Citrus

Enjoying the homestead, I’ve been catching up on my reading and preparing for annual Christmas festivities. I have spent many a Christmas in a foreign country and I can highly recommend it. There is something special in watching locals celebrate in an unfamiliar way. The different sounds, scents, and songs bring an extra layer of magic to Christmas for me. This year, however, I will be firmly ensconced at home enjoying the literal fruits of the season. I am lucky enough to have an orange tree, a pomelo tree, and a pink lemon on my tree and this time of year is citrus season! That means ample fruit for fresh-squeezed juice, pomelos to pick and marvel slack-jawed at their size, and glorious pink lemons to use as garnish or marinade for roasted cauliflower. A definite perk to being home, but I wonder if I can get someone to plant a lime tree so we can have mojitos next year? Can someone get on that? Anyone?


The beautiful sight of pink lemons, fresh from the tree!