Hotel Review – The Club Quarters Central Loop, Chicago

Traveling to Chicago for business is always a good time; an easy city to navigate with a lot to see in the off-hours. I always enjoy my visits and usually stay at a Marriott property. Due to the last minute nature of this trip, I took the only remaining option, the Club Quarters Central Loop. This is one of those places that falls in the middle of ‘Why did I stay here?’ and ‘What a great place!’.


The location is great but the rooms are odd and the layout of the floors is bizarre. It feels a bit like a rabbit warren as you walk the halls to find your room. So much so, that is I was being chased by a chainsaw wielding madman, I’d give up and let him get me, if only to finally get somewhere in the maze of corridors.

There is a vegan restaurant (the amazing Native Foods Cafe) around the corner but on-site pub is very limited in choices, amounting to cheese, meat, or grease. Also, the staff scores quite low on the guest engagement scale.

Would I Stay Here Again? Yes, if the Marriott was sold out again. The rate was great and nothing was such a deal breaker that I’d avoid a return.

High Points: Location, filtered water dispensers on each floor, and Jessica at the front desk.

Low Points: Room cleanliness, staff that gave the impression they had better things to do than deal with guests.