Hotel Review – The Palazzo, Las Vegas

There are probably hundreds of options for places to stay in Las Vegas, ranging from the ‘no-tell motel ‘ available by the hour to luxury suites that cost more per night than the GDP of some small countries. The Palazzo was the location of choice for a convention I recently attended and it is certainly on the upper end of accommodations along the strip.

Before I get into the details I have a confession to make: I don’t like Las Vegas. From the crowds, to the noise, to the relative lack of culture, it’s just not my scene. Over the years, though, I have had to travel here for business and/or industry events and always try to make the best of it. It was with that attitude that I approached my recent stay at the Palazzo. Sadly, that attitude was squashed relatively quickly.

Upon arriving, I waited in line with about 20 other people and was able to get to the reception counter very quickly with the assistance of one of the uniformed line watchers. The girl that checked me, was incredibly pleasant, and I was on my way. After a hike through the casino and a blindingly fast ascent to the 40th floor I arrived at my hotel room. The room was beautiful. Laid out very nicely to provide ample zones for sleeping, working, relaxing, or eating, I was impressed at just how opulent they made one room feel. My view was quite nice despite being on the backside of the hotel. Rather than the neon wash of the Strip, I had a view of the mountains which made for some relaxing vistas to end each busy day.┬áIt wasn’t until my key card stopped working that I began to experience issues with the staff.


Forgive the poor photo quality, the room was gorgeous!

After a long day, I returned to my room only to find that my key card wouldn’t work. Rather than going all the way back down to reception, are used the house phone to call the concierge desk. During that conversation I let them know the issue and that I would be waiting by the elevators. Long story short, it took me four phone calls and 42 minutes for someone to show up and let me into my room. When the person finally did show up, I was chastised for not waiting by my room door. I found this vexing and off-putting as it would seem to me that if you received a call that someone has been locked out of their room and that person was not by their room, you might want to check somewhere else rather than canceling the request. The good news is I was able to get into my room the bad news is most of the staff I encountered during my stay was less than helpful, less than gracious, and seemed to behave as though guests were an inconvenience.

To the credit of someone at the hotel, I received a phone call to discuss the issue but there was no real apology. When I checked out and was asked if everything was all right, I provided a brief recap of the issues. The individual who checked me out ‘comped’ me one of my room service meals, so my aggravation was worth $59.

Would I Stay Here Again? No! In the past (and certainly in the future) if I have to go to Las Vegas, I. will stay at my preferred hotel, the Tuscany Suites, which provides kitchenettes and is laid out in such a way that I don’t have to go near a casino unless I choose to do.

High Points: The elegance and comfort of the suite and the high-end toiletries provided.

Low Points: The staff, although I did have positive experiences with the staff members who delivered room service both times.