Spotlight On: El Papaturro, Comida Tipica Guatemalteca, Antigua

I had the opportunity to eat at El Papaturro during my business trip. My clients treated me to an evening in Antigua and the experience was lovely.

The menu offers a variety of delicious dishes and as a vegetarian, I was pleased to find several options. I can heartily recommend the Hearts of Palm salad and the Mushrooms Brandy. We we treated to small cups of a clear, savory leek soup before our meal and it really hit the spot. When you visit be sure to try a cimarrona drink (non-alcoholic agua mineral, salt, lime) for a refreshing treat; just be aware that is is VERY salty and will dry out your mouth and lips. Dry, like CryptKeeper dry.

Our waiter was wonderful very congenial (muy amable) and helpful. He saw that I had my tiny camera and advised that if I went upstairs I could get some great photos. Wow, was he correct! If you find yourself in Antigua for a few hours or a few weeks, do yourself a favor and visit El Papaturro. Buen comida!