Throwback Thursday – Cairo, Egypt

I’m feeling a bit nostaligc for Egypt today. I just watched a documentary of some new archaeological finds and it made me wistful to be back on the desert sands, surrounded by the spiced air and foreign noises. So for Throwback Thursday, here are a couple photos from my trip.
The city view from the banks of the Nile river in the morning.


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After seeing Michael Palin visit the Windsor, I knew it was the only place I wanted to stay in the city. It did not disappoint. Here is the key to my room. I will let you imagine the rest.
img_1463Think British Empire in the 1800s; I felt like I fell into a period film and it was fantastic! The sounds of the imam calling prayer at various hours, the scent of the wooden shutters in my room mingling with the hookah cafe around the corner. It was one of those perfect places that reminded me why I love travel so much.