Travel Style – Multi Way Garments: Are They Worth It?

As a frequent traveler, I am obsessed with finding the latest and greatest in travel clothing. A quick perusal of the Internet and you will find a multitude of websites devoted to travel separates for women. However, over the past several years, there has been a surge of companies designing multi-way garments. You know, the tube of fabric that can be fashioned in a multitude of ways ostensibly replacing your entire wardrobe.

Well, my little minimalist heart decided to try two such garments and see if they would work for me. I ordered a little red number from and a gorgeous grey piece from Each is made of a gorgeous fabric with saturated color and arrived with detailed instructions on how to fashion lots of looks.

The verdict?

While I wanted to love these items, sadly they’re not for me. Both of them require a convertible bra to really get the most versatility, as many of the looks are strapless or one-shouldered. As someone who has a hard enough time finding a 32D bra that fits, the last thing I want to do is have to agonize over finding a specialty bra to wear under these. However, I can report that I have used both items as wraps on airplanes and as sarongs over bathing suits.

If you are someone who is comfortable going without foundation elements and looking for a multi-way garment, I can heartily recommend items from both companies. For me, I can’t get behind adding two items to the suitcase (convertible bra and fabric tube) in order to use a multi way garment.

The Chrysalis Cardi from Encircled


The HipKnoties