Food On-The-Go, or, How ‘Hangry’ Can Ruin a Trip

Today’s post centers around food (maybe because I’m hungry) and, whether you are a selective eater or will consume anything, it’s always a good idea to carry snacks wherever you go. We have probably all been witness to the phenomenon known as ‘hangry’ and it ain’t pretty! From long commutes, to plane rides, to waiting in line, when you are hungry and can’t get to food, your brain seems to fixate and nothing else matters. Make your life easier and pack snacks!

Personally selected snacks mean that I will always have something available if my vegetarian meal doesn’t get to me on the plane, if I find myself rattling through the jungle with nothing but goat jerky available, or if I arrive at my destination so late that the only food option is a vending machine with an anciene bear claw sagging lastly between the dispensing spiral. To make sure I don’t get cranky and eat somewhat cleanly, I take almonds, dried fruit, Quest bars & a refillable water bottle.

My water bottle of choice is the Vapur Eclispe and is amazing! It folds up, is super strong, and cleans easily. This has been shoved in bags, dropped on hard pavement, frozen, folded repeatedly and has help up perfectly. You can get it here.

What are your snacks of choice? Have you found anything unique that keeps well on the road? Tell me about it in the comments.