Travel Style – What To Wear In The Air

Given that some airlines are instituting a dress code for their airport clubs (yay!) and at least one international carrier allegedly upgrading “smartly” dressed passengers to first class, I thought it would be good to post some smart but comfortable travel outfits for warm weather.

Before we get to photos, let me add that everything shown is normally what I would pack for most destinations and I don’t take anything special that doesn’t work with everything else in my bag. Style is just as important to me as comfort. I don’t mean trends, I mean style. There is a difference and, while I may buy a trendy color or item each season, the core of my wardrobe remains classic. This is how I can travel for weeks with one small bag of clothes. Of course, if I’m spending a week in European cities the list of items differs from what I take for a week in Guatemala, but only slightly and that’s the take-away. Versatile pieces that work across lots of activities. I think the biggest key is to wear what makes you comfortable and appropriate for the situation. Okay, now for the photos.

First up, is my basic uniform consisting of a blazer, tee, super comfortable skinny jeans, classic loafers and a scarf. This is what I wear at home; The pieces wear well, keep me comfortable, and look smart (the magic of a blazer). I’m always cold so the scarf keeps me cozy and dressed up an otherwise basic look. Simple jewelry polishes off the look which works for a variety of travel situations.


Below is another example of a blazer-centric look, except this blazer is jersey and stretchy. Think of an elevated hoodie feel. The pants are silk joggers and feel like pajamas. The Converse work because they are (a) somewhat timeless and (b) clean. I’d swap them out of they were scuffed or dirty. This is my go-to outfit for long haul flights (Tokyo, Melbourne, London).


Finally, the jeans belowb are a boyfriend cut and distressed so they aren’t something I’d wear flying into Shanghai or De Gaulle, but work for NYC, LA, or Sydney.


Clearly, I’m comfortable in blazers but each of these ensembles would work just as well with a long open-front cardigan that is so on-trend right now, the biggest key for wardrobe planning is to wear what makes you comfortable. With some thought and planning you can be comfortable and stylish.

What’s your go-to travel style? Let me know in the comments.