To Keurig or Not to Keurig – Is That Really a Question?

Not to co-opt a Shakespeare quote for my coffeemaker dilemma, but it fits. Lately, I’ve had a Keurig coffee maker in almost every hotel room I’ve stayed in for business travel (thank you Marriott Hotels!) and this has been a HUGE perk for me! I love my morning coffee. I mean, full on ‘marry me’ love my morning coffee. It has been fantastic getting a cup in my room first thing in the morning. I don’t have to put clothes on or deal with other guests in line for the urn of high octane joe.


Now, I have discovered this magical Keurig machine beckoning me with its simplicity and hissy ‘howdy do’ as it delivers the black elixir that fuels my soul. But what do I do? I am a self-proclaimed Luddite. Is it flying in the face of the old ways to get such a contraption? Is it blasphemy to put aside my French press in favor of a mechanical behemoth? Should I really care?

French press, Chemex drip, old-timey percolator, Mr. Coffee, or fancy Keurig – Maybe it doesn’t matter as long as the end product is dark, sweet, and hot, eh?