Spotlight on: Green, a Vegetarian Restaurant – San Antonio

For me, Green is the exclamation point on the Pearl, a vibrant district in downtown San Antonio that features restaurants, shops, and apartments clustered in a thoughtfully designed and funky urban space. The Pearl reminds me of a movie set for a hip downtown scene in a CW show; clean, busy, and very photogenic.

Back to Green. This is a vegetarian lunch/dinner place in the “Pearl” with a wide array of yummy dishes. The atmosphere is laid back with a casual vibe. My visit was courtesy of a business client and it really made my 2 week trip bearable. The food was so tasty, it became my nightly destination for the rest of my trip. The interior has some fun, creative, and pun-y art adorning the walls and the food is presented in an appealing way, which all goes to enhance the experience. The only reason I won’t give ‘two snaps WAY up’ was due to the ‘extra’ casual attitude of the waitress and the length of time it took for our food to arrive. If you are in San Antonio, ‘treat yo self’ and head over to Green!


©M McCown All rights reserved.


©M McCown All rights reserved.