Travel Quick Shots – Kauai, Hawaii, USA

Travel Quick Shots is a monthly feature where I spotlight a destination with a short blurb and a few photos; sort of a brief travelogue for the overly caffeinated. ☕️

Let’s spin the globe with a trip to Kauai, Hawaii, USA. Known as the garden island, Kauai is the crown princess of the Hawaiian islands wrapped in her luxuriant green mantle. With lush greenery and a laid back vibe, it is the perfect place to enjoy some solitude or make a deep connection with your travel companion. It gives off the feeling of intimacy everywhere. Empty perfect beaches (if you time it right), secluded grottoes hidden by curtains of trailing vines, and gaping canyons that swallow the echo of the waves.

Less poetically, you can take part in activities suited for every fitness level including: surfing, kayaking, zip lining, golfing, or just parking your ass in the sand and watching the world go by. It was every bit as beautiful as my photos show, and more so. Enough of my yak-flapping, here are the photos.


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©M McCown All rights reserved

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